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8 Beauty Myths BUSTED – Women Daily Magazine

8 Beauty Myths BUSTED – Women Daily Magazine
8 Beauty Myths BUSTED – Women Daily Magazine

Will shaving your legs make your hair grow thicker? Do false lashes will ruin your natural lashes? We’ve busted 8 beauty myth, so keep on reading to find them out!

Myth 1: Plucking gray hairs causes more to grow in their place

Most people believe that if they pluck their gray hairs, more gray hairs fill appear in their place. Beauty expert claims that pulling out hair can damage the follicle, which can eventually lead to hair loss.

Myth 2: Shaving your legs causes the hair to grow back thicker and darker

Your hair is not a lawn, that gets stimulated by cutting. If you shave your head, legs or somewhere else, your hair will not grow thicker or darker. Those squared-off hair tips give you the illusion of greater thickness in regrowth. On the other hand, when you’re waxing your legs, the hairs are pulled from the root and that can sometimes cause the hairs to grow more sparsely.

Myth 3: Washing your hair too often is bad

Haircare depends on your hair type.  Straight and fine hair demand frequent washing, because the natural sebum from the scalp travels down more easily, which will cause your hair to look and feel more oilier. On the other hand, curly and thick hair doesn’t need to be washed that frequently. Choose gentler products and you can wash your hair as often as you want. If your hair is more dry, don’t wash your hair that often, to allow the natural oils to travel down the shaft.

Myth 4: False lashes and extension damage natural lashes

It all depends on who is doing your extension. A skilled lash artist applies the extensions to one natural lash at a time and also makes sure that the extensions are not too heavy or too long. This is key if you want your natural lashes to continue growing healthily without any irritation. Another thing that can damage your lashes is scrubbing off your mascara. Remember to always remove our mascara with gentle strokes using a cleanser.

Myth 5: Never pluck your own eyebrows

This isn’t entirely true, but don’t pluck your own brows if you don’t have the proper skills. Visit a professional first, that will give your brows a nice shape, and the you can easily follow the design at home. If you decide to do your brows at home, draw in your design with a brow pencil first, not going too far from your natural shape, and then pluck.

Myth 6: Darker skins don’t need sunscreen

This is actually a serious public health issue. Although rates of melanoma are lower in African Americans and Asians, those that do occur get diagnosed much later, will lower the survival rate. Experts explain that although darker skin tones are less likely to develop skin cancer, that doesn’t mean that they should forget sun protection completely.

Myth 7: Parabens are dangerous

Most people believe that parabens are dangerous, but the reality is that parabens are ingested by people every day. They are found in nature, skin friendly and great preservatives. Experts claim that replacement of parabens in cosmetics, may be putting consumers at risk.

Myth 8: Sunscreen makes us deficient in vitamin D

Many people believe that the increased awareness around sun protection has led to vitamin D deficiency. Dermatologist Sam Bunting explains that most people shouldn’t be concerned about vitamin D deficiency because of real-world application. Those people who wear photo-protective clothes, apply  lots of sunscreen and stay in the shade, have a higher risk, so it’s advisable to use oral supplements. For all the others, sitting outside for a couple of minutes will give your body enough vitamin D.

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