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An Ultimate Guide to Re-Shape Your Body with Coolsculpting

An Ultimate Guide to Re-Shape Your Body with Coolsculpting
An Ultimate Guide to Re-Shape Your Body with Coolsculpting

Getting rid of stubborn body fat is the hardest thing in the world & we know it. After all, women go through so many biological changes. From periods to pregnancy and now the pandemic has forced people to stay at home, causing massive weight gain across the world. And sometimes eating healthy & exercising is insufficient to combat extra body fat. Hence, you need cool sculpting. A very popular cosmetic treatment, this one will basically freeze your body fat nonsurgically and remove bra fat, pockets on the thighs, arms, butt, or any other area you need help in.

So far, 8 million surgeries have been performed and it seems to be quite effective. But before you consider this treatment, here are a few things you should know about it.

What does cool sculpting include?

To keep it simple, cool sculpting is a non-surgical fat-reduction method that uses cold temperature to successfully eliminate excess body fat. Here’s a step by step understanding of what the process includes:

  • The gel paid is 1st applied to your body part to protect your skin against any kind of damage.
  • Next, the fatty area is vacuumed into the hollow opening using an applicator. However, this will not make you uncomfortable.
  • The process can take approximately one hour if you want to treat certain body parts.
  • At last, the area will be massaged for a couple of minutes to help with the breakdown of the fat cells.
  • It also takes approximately 3-4 months to see results.
What benefits can you expect from this process?
  • Coolsculpting is a painless procedure where you can experience a cold sensation or suction in any concentrated area that occurs during the treatment.
  • You can easily go back to the work that you are doing after the treatment has been completed. Once you are done, you can go on with your everyday life.
  • Coolsculpting gives you results within a matter of weeks.
  • You don’t need an injection to do this procedure and you can maintain good results if you have a healthy lifestyle.
  • You can also experience a permanent fat reduction of up to approximately 30%.

How long should you wait to see results?

Many people require two treatments in order to maximize results, which is approximately 26% of body fat & you should be able to feel a difference in your body somewhere between 6-12 weeks.

Once your treatment has been successfully completed, the fat cells will be easily removed from the body using natural processes and won’t accumulate once again if you keep following a healthy and active lifestyle. But do keep in mind that cool sculpting can have certain disadvantages such as swelling, bruising, or redness. Hence, to ensure this doesn’t happen to you, you have to speak to your cosmetologist and know whether this process is safe for you. Most probably, it will be safe. But if it isn’t, you can still opt for other fat burners or body shaping treatments that are suitable for you.

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