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Grab Your Customers’ Attention with Eye-Catchy Product Packaging Design


Customers are the soul of a company. They enable it to grow and achieve its goals. While customer acquisition is a vital objective for every company, sustaining those customers is also crucial. You may be offering great products or services, but if it is not able to make customers buy them, it is of no use for the company.

Experts believe that you need a quality product with an attractive product packaging design to catch the customer’s attention.

With thousands of products displayed on the store shelves, you can only encourage sales with an eye-catching packaging design. Your packaging design should speak for itself and convey the message you would have if you were there to do it yourself.

So, how can you make your product packaging so attractive that consumers pass on other products to purchase yours?

Here are some strategies you can follow to attract your customers:

  • Know Your Customers: You must know the target audience for every product. This will make it easier for both you and your packaging design company to create packaging that attracts a particular age group. For instance, if your product is for kids or teens, you can splash in some colors along with a cartoon character to grab the attention of your target audience.
  • Create Products as per Customer Demands: The design of your product should resonate with what your customers want and not what you want to offer them. Your goal is to fulfill customer expectations, so their satisfaction is the priority.
  • Advertisement: Digital marketing, signage, packaging, and other activities help to acquire new customers. They help to promote your product. Having a creative packaging design can further improve the growth by increasing sales. FMCG companies generally pay serious attention to packaging design as the activity is a cost-effective method of advertising.
  • Identify your Demographic: The demographic location also plays a crucial role in packaging design. Many packaging design companies in India now design product packaging with labels in regional languages such as Bengali, Marathi, Hindi, etc. The use of the local language helps to connect with the local people in different markets, enabling them to identify and relate to the brand in languages they understand.
  • Monitor your Competition: You must monitor your competitors to do better and stand out against them. Are your competitors launching any new products? What is the market feedback? How can you improve your products?

Packaging design influences the behavior of consumers. It affects the subconscious mind, encouraging consumers to make a purchase even when they have no intention of buying. The appeal of product packaging can incite impulsive buying.

Let us now discuss a few psychology-based design tips that can help improve product packaging design. Your choices in shape, color, texture, and typography can make a difference and create a lasting impact.

1.   Shape

The shape is capable of serving as the single most unique identifier for your product packaging. Imagine the customer is searching for a product through a shelf full of products. They come across a uniquely shaped bottle, like that of a woman who could be their grandma. A distinct, unique shape is instantly recognized and grabs the attention of the consumer.

Shapes play a significant role, particularly in cosmetics, bottles, and the packaging design of such products. A product design with pure shapes and lines without any context will result in emotions of contentment, fear, and excitement. Therefore, a packaging design with a contextual message can create even more powerful emotional connections.

For instance, if you are selling weight loss supplements, the use of curvy-body jars is more attractive for women. Similarly, a bear-shaped bottle with products suited for kids’ nutrition looks amazingly different.

Cosmetics are also packaged similarly, maintaining a feminine or masculine context, depending on the target audience.

2.   Color

The packaging design must communicate with the target audience, giving them a hint about what is inside the package. A packaging design agency must decide on using colors that talk to the right audience and create the first impression as the last impression. It is vital to note that the objective of product packaging is to attract more customers.

Color can influence consumer behavior significantly. It has the power to urge customers to make the purchase as soon as they see the product.

The colors are determined based on brand positioning. If there is a premium brand, the use of pastels, golden, white, and black is recommended.

3.   Packaging Texture

Another essential aspect of packaging design is the texture. If the packaging is pleasant to feel, touch, like soft and fluffy, or smooth matte, it motivates consumers to hold the product for longer.

The texture of the packaging provokes the feeling of psychological ownership and encourages the customer to make a purchase. Brand owners must choose a packaging texture that defines what is inside. If you are selling a luxurious product, you must choose luxurious packaging material. Conversely, if you have a natural and earthy product, the right choice is to use something raw.

In a nutshell, your packaging texture should give consumers an experience that suitably reflects your product and brand. The use of pleasant textures will give customers the desire to hold your product for longer.

4.   Typography

The fonts that you use for product packaging should be legible, even from a distance. Fonts literally deliver your brand’s message and aid its meaning.

Make sure you choose typography that reflects the personality of your product and brand. Each style reflects a different mood. Identifying and aligning the emotion with the typography is the primary task of a branding agency in Ahmedabad.

5.   Add Product Persona

Product packaging is no longer used only for the product’s protection. It serves as your product’s face to send out a brand promise, value, brand identity, personality, or message. Therefore, try and treat the product as another individual.

Consider the product as a person. You must design product packaging in a way that reflects a brand personality resonating with your target audience. Prospective buyers will observe that authenticity and drift towards the product without even realizing it. The product will indicate that it has been specifically designed for them.

6.   Maintain Transparency

One of the packaging trends on the rise is the clean label trend. Packaging must not mislead consumers incorrectly. For instance, a clean label clearly mentions that the product is GMO-free, organic, low in sugar, or contains added functional ingredients such as vitamins.

However, it is vital to understand that transparency and clean labels generate an increased desire among consumers to make an informed choice.

If your packaging design provides consumers the right information about nutritional value, ingredients, and other relevant information supporting health, consumers are more likely to get attracted to the product as compared to unique packaging design.

Final Thoughts

Packaging affects several aspects of your brand, including uniqueness, promotions, branding, marketing, and protection. If you complete the activity in the right manner, it affects your brand image. Planning the product packaging design as per the target audience helps to deliver more results.

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