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How to Listen to Podcasts on Your Device!

We’re living in a time where being a podcast listener is the new cool. Almost every U.S. household has one person who has listened to at least one podcast episode. And if you’re anything like us, you hardly have enough time to listen to one every day, but still, try to at least once a month. The medium has exploded unlike anything before and it’s going to keep rising. You will find more than 25 million episodes on the web, ready to be streamed. 

If you’re getting started but don’t know where to start, we have got you covered! We’re here to help you find the best podcasts to listen to on your Apple and Android devices! There’s something for everyone to listen to as podcasts come in various formats, styles, and genres. You’ll be excited to know there are so many interesting conversations and speeches waiting to be listened to! Keep reading to learn more. 

How to Listen to Podcasts on Apple Devices

The best part about owning an Apple device is that you already have what you’re looking for. You just have to dig a little deeper, or in this case, look more closely. See that tiny little purple icon with 2 circles circling a figure on your phone? That is Apple’s podcast app called Podcasts. 

You can use it for free to stream your favorite podcasts. You can browse and subscribe to podcasts for free on the app. Plus, whenever you subscribe to any channel, the app will download new episodes automatically for you!

How to Listen to Podcasts on Android Devices

Android devices come with a pre-installed podcast app called the Google Podcast app, which is pretty much similar to Apple Podcast. The icon is a multi-colored diamond against a white background which immediately catches your eye. If for some reason, you’re unable to find the app on your phone, search it on Google Play Store and download it for free from there. 

The app lets you browse the latest episodes of your favorite shows, explore popular shows and episode recommendations, manage your listening activity, and subscribe to your favorite shows and podcasts. 

Top 3 Podcast-Streaming Apps 

There are a ton of streaming apps that let you explore trending podcasts and stream your favorites. Here are our top 3. You can download them with the super-fast internet connection powered by AT&T Internet bundles


Spotify might be the biggest music streaming service, but it still doesn’t negate the fact that it added a podcast feature back in 2015. You no longer have to open another app to switch between songs and podcast episodes. Spotify lets you do it all without switching apps which is super convenient. It offers a ton of podcast playlists to help you find your favorites. And you can enjoy them without ad interruptions if you’re a premium user. 


This super clean and multi-functional app will make you adopt listening to podcasts as a hobby. It allows you to create your own playlists by sorting your podcasts and notifying you of every new episode release from your favorites. It also features an auto-delete feature that keeps your phone storage space in check. Other features of the app include playback speed control, voice boosting and silence trimming. Plus, for $10 a year, you can enjoy an ad-free experience with Overcast. And the best part? You can upload your own podcast if you’re in the mood for experimenting!


If you want to control your listening experience and organize your podcasts, download Castro. It lets you streamline your shows the way you want so you never miss an episode. You can skip intros, adjust the playback speed, trim silences and enhance voices for a better listening experience. Subscribe to unlock advanced features for only $19 a year!

3 Popular Podcasts You Should Listen To

Call Your Girlfriend

This insightful and hilarious podcast is hosted by two best friends who chat about literally everything from heartbreak and books to current events and what’s in fashion. If you need a good laugh, listen to this podcast now!


If you’re a huge crime-thriller-drama fan, you’re going to love this podcast. Journalist Sarah Koenig shares real-life stories and investigations of murders and crimes. Each episode will keep you hooked to the point where you’ll find yourself asking for more. 

Dope Labs

If you want to learn something new every day, you’re going to enjoy scientists Zakiya Whatley and Titi Shodiya talking about politics, science, social media, pop culture, and a lot more!

To Wrap It Up

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the number of podcasts available, but the right apps and suggestions will make the whole experience of listening to podcasts quite enjoyable for you! We hope this brief guide and our top suggestions get you excited enough to start listening to podcasts. 

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