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How To Prepare a Package for Shipping

How To Prepare a Package for Shipping
How To Prepare a Package for Shipping


As the holidays approach, people are beginning to think about gifts for their loved ones. But if the person you’ve gotten a gift for lives in another state and you aren’t ordering the gift online to be sent directly to them, then you will have to ship a package to that person.

All good so far, but perhaps you don’t know what the best way to prepare a package for shipping is. So here you’ll find some tips on how to pack your gift or whatever you’re shipping. Whether you’re using USPS, Valdosta delivery service, or some other shipping company, these ideas will help ensure that your package arrives safely.

Box Size

There are several benefits to using a box that isn’t too big to pack your item in. If the box is much larger than what you’re sending, you’ll end up having things bouncing around inside of it. Plus you’ll pay more for shipping. You don’t want to overstuff a box that’s too small, though, so make sure you choose a box that’s decently close to the size of your item.


If you’re sending flexible items like clothing, you can arrange them so that they take up less room in the box. Fold things neatly and organize them into the package rather than just throwing them in anyhow. If you’re sending a combination of clothing and breakables, for example, use the clothing as padding to wrap the breakables in. Consolidated delivery of goods is the process of collecting several shipments of goods from several shippers for several consignees which are packaged in one unit. The consolidation process is usually carried out at or in the warehouse. The consolidation delivery process can actually have its own impact on the related parties. For the shipper, the positive impact of this consolidated shipment is the price of shipping costs or shipping costs that are quite low or cheap. Meanwhile, the negative impact is that sometimes the departure of the fleet will be slightly delayed because it is necessary to wait for the cargo container capacity to be fulfilled optimally. In the case of consolidating shipments, a load factor of 80 is the minimum limit so that consolidation can be said to be efficient both in terms of time and cost.

Label Clearly

If you want the package to get where it needs to go, you’re going to have to make sure that it’s properly addressed. Write neatly on the label, which should contrast with the package, or print out a label if you prefer. Just make sure that the shipping and return address are easily readable.

These are the most important things you need to keep in mind as you prepare to send out your holiday gifts. If you make sure to follow all these tips, your package should reach your loved one in as pristine and perfect a condition as when you sent it!

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