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15 mocks with video explanations- Experts’ Global has the world’s best GMAT prep tests


Normally, seriously, taking up mock tests will be the last step that a GMAT aspirant will take, in their prep. Here, the skills that they have picked up, throughout their prep must come together, into a solid GMAT approach. As it goes without saying, the mock tests are incredibly important and their quality must be taken into account when selecting a GMAT online program.

First and foremost, there is a question of the difficulty of the mock tests. They must be of a similar level to the real GMAT, to make sure that you are properly challenged, in your preparations. However, there are many other ways in which the mock tests must be congruent to the real thing. Overall, your mock tests must be able to give you the feeling of giving the real GMAT and be able to give you an accurate sense of your own performance. In addition, while money is not the biggest priority, while selecting a prep program, it does pay to keep an eye on the cost, as well.

Considering all of these factors, it is probably Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock tests that are the best.

Number of Tests

Experts’ Global’s test series has far more material than most others, more than twice as much, in fact. It has 15 tests, while most do not have more than 6. This allows the students to get in much more practice, as is Experts’ Global’s practice, the program actually instructs students to give as many tests as possible, regularly, throughout their prep. This is very important for building up the type of stamina needed for giving a 3.5 hour long test. You can take a free GMAT practice test, from Experts’ Global, and judge the quality of these tests, yourself.

Test Quality

The questions that make up Experts’ Global’s mock tests are truly exceptional. They are in sync with the GMAT, in a way that few others manage to. The tests questions match the GMAT’s in terms of complexity, scope of testing, content tested and all other factors. The tests also have an interface that makes use of the same layout, graphics, and controls as the real GMAT’s. This plays a big role in helping the students mentally prepare for the GMAT, by allowing them to acclimatize themselves to the idea of giving the GMAT.

Representative Scoring

Since the GMAT’s scoring algorithm is not known to the public, it takes a bit of guesswork to be able to approximate it for a mock test. However, Experts’ Global has gone a step beyond and developed what is factually the most accurate mock GMAT scoring system that there is. Hundreds of students have reported that their scores on Experts’ Global’s mocks have been almost identical to their scores on the official mock tests, and even the real GMAT. This is of course very important, as it allows for the students to develop a much better understanding of exactly where they stand, regarding their preparedness.

Robust Analytics

Experts’ Global has also developed a performance analysis and weakness diagnosis system, for their mock tests series. The system provides the student with a steady stream of information on how they did in each section of their mocks. This is vital for the students to understand exactly where they have erred, an understanding that they can use to motivate themselves, into improving.

Self-Study Resources

Experts’ Global takes a bit of a self-study approach to their tests. Every question has a corresponding solution video. These videos provide in-depth and time efficient solutions, for the students to study, whether they had trouble answering the questions, or not. The videos are a great help in improving accuracy and speed both, as they are advanced solutions, written to take up as little of the student’s valuable time, as possible. Experts’ Global has also produced a series of e-books that cover the entirety of GMAT sentence correction, especially well. They are perfect for those who like to study by getting deep into a topic.

In every way that matter, Experts’ Global has produced a fantastic GMAT mock test series. It is representative of the GMAT in a way that practically no other GMAT test series is and has a lot of excellent study material, as well and many useful features. If you are preparing for the GMAT, then this test series can be a tremendous asset, for you.

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