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Ideas To Choose French Lingerie According To Your Body

Ideas To Choose French Lingerie According To Your Body
Ideas To Choose French Lingerie According To Your Body

Every year, millions of couples exchange gifts, go out to lunch or dinner, and even spend an evening having a passionate time and for this the best thing to wear french lingerie.

It is especially important for women, though not exclusively, to look good so their partners are inspired. In order to show your curves well on this romantic day, here are some ideas so that, based on your body type, you can choose french lingerie that shows them off best.

Remember that what is important is that you feel sexy and flirtatious in the clothing you wear, because if it does not fit or infuriates you in any way, for example, it makes you feel more daring than you are, you can hardly complement it with your attitude and your discomfort with the person you are with.

Including Or Excluding Corsets

When you feel curvy, you will feel more confident when you wear a corset with or without a bra, since it will mark your waist and make you feel curvier as you lift and pronounce your butt.

Look for one with push-up if you have a small bust so you appear more voluptuous. If you have a small bust, it is recommended the corset already includes the bra. In addition to choosing something that only emphasizes your midline and does not match your size, you could also opt for something that emphasizes only your midline.


Bodysuits provide comfort and safety for people whose bodies do not look like they would like them to. You can wear it over your chest or in the back to make yourself feel sexier by having from a slight to a deep neckline. Those who are hesitant to show off their butts may want to opt for a lace thong that offers the coverage of pantyhose but looks more appealing since it does not resemble a girdle.

Baby Doll

French lingerie dolls offer one of the greatest degrees of versatility among garments. Whether you’re slim and confident, or plump and discreet, you’ll find something for all body types and personalities. As this fabric is not translucent, you can easily hide your “imperfections” with this baby doll option as it’s for someone with a belly or love handles.

Lace Baby Doll

For women with curvy bodies and those who don’t mind showing off their curves, lace baby dolls are ideal, as they will teach them “what is necessary” to drive their partner crazy.

With its daring neckline and lack of support, this model is unsuitable for someone with a small bust, but it would look great on someone with a medium or large bust. If the latter is your case, look for one that has padding or push-up.

Transparent Pantyhose

Translucent pantyhose are the best choice for women who aren’t sure if they want to dress up in a corset or baby doll. As a result of the garment’s coverage, your bum will look lifted, and imperfections like cellulite will be concealed. Add a similar bra to the outfit. They leave little exposed, while being sexy at the same time.


Kimono covers only what is necessary and exposes the body parts that bring joy to your partner. If you don’t like to show too much of your body but want to surprise him with a sexy garment, kimono will do it for you.

This option is geared especially toward plump women who are insecure about their bodies and who find it difficult to find attractive lingerie options. If you have a large bust, try wearing a baby doll underneath, a thong or pantyhose and a bra that suits your bust size.

Push Up Or Padded Bra

There are countless styles and sizes of bras available on the market today, but if you are still struggling with size, follow these steps.

You may wish to choose bras that have light padding or that have push-up padding for a small bust. These bras will make your bust appear larger and proportionate to your body and desires. Wearing padded or push-up bras won’t help your bust appear well-accommodated and will cause you to feel uncomfortable, so try not to wear them. Opt for bras with lace that allow your bust to fit naturally.


The thong is the only garment that can be considered sensual. Leave little to the imagination and your partner will surely be driven crazy by it just by wearing it. Opt for it regardless of your fears or insecurities as there are thousands of designs and shapes that enable you to feel comfortable and safe wearing it.


If you don’t want to overspend or don’t have time to search for the perfect french lingerie garment, stockings above the knee are always salvation. You will spend between 100 and 500 pesos, depending on the design and brand of the same, and you will look impeccable. If you opt for black stockings, complement your look with a bra and a thong or pantyhose of the same tone, the same if you wear red or white.

If you like to play with colors, you can opt for black stockings and a purple or wine set. The important thing is that you know what you like and what your partner likes so that you can let your imagination fly.

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