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A Blue Tinted Magnificence: Uncommon Carat Diamond Ring

Blue is among the most sought-after diamond colours and one of many rarest. These blue gems, just like the well-known Hope Diamond, will look beautiful as centerpiece stones in any piece of knickknack. Nevertheless, nearly all of Blue Tint (Nuance) diamonds lack the saturation of top-grade blue sapphires and have grayish hues. Pure blue diamonds proceed to command a premium, however handled and manufactured gems supply shoppers a extra cheap different to those expensive collectibles. The 4 Cs of colorless diamonds are well-known to gem lovers, however the high quality components of fancy blue diamonds are much less well-known. Clients may have a greater understanding of blue Uncommon Carat diamonds because of our purchasing information.

The IGS coloured diamond worth itemizing consists of value tips for irradiated blue diamonds. Fancy Coloured Blue Diamond Shopping for and the 4 Cs


 In distinction to colorless diamonds, the place minimize is extra necessary than shade, readability, or carat, the worth of a elaborate coloured blue diamond is primarily decided by its shade. Gemstone shade is made up of three primary parts: hue, tone, and saturation.

The first shade of a elaborate blue Uncommon Carat diamonds is blue. Secondary hues of inexperienced or, much less steadily, purple could also be current. Gems with a greenish hue are extra worthwhile than gems with a slight purple hue, although neither is fascinating. Nonetheless, greenish blue diamonds are cheaper than pure blue diamonds and make lovely jewellery stones.

Tone is much less necessary than hue and saturation when figuring out the worth of a elaborate blue diamond. As a result of they obscure the blue shade, gems which might be neither very mild nor very darkish fetch excessive costs. Gem stones, then again, will be glorious in a variety of tones in between.

Excessive-saturation, untreated fancy blue Uncommon Carat diamonds, that are extraordinarily unusual, will command a premium value. Nearly all of blue diamonds have a greyish-blue look and low saturation.

What Constitutes “Fancy” Colour?

Fancy Uncommon Carat diamonds are categorized as Faint, Very Mild, Mild, Fancy Mild, Fancy, Fancy Darkish, Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense, or Fancy Vivid by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The analysis of the gem’s tone and saturation led to those designations. Examples of those designations will be seen within the coloured diamond shade reference chart from the GIA.

Gem graders fee practically any Uncommon Carat diamond with a blue hue as Fancy Mild or higher due to the extraordinarily low provide of blue Uncommon Carat diamonds. Nearly all of blue diamonds are “steely,” or very gray with a blue tint. The grayish gems then change from Fancy Mild to Fancy or Fancy Darkish because the tone will get darker.

Blue diamond scores rise from Fancy to Fancy

Intense and Fancy Vivid with rising saturation. Fancy Deep gems have darker tones and saturation ranges starting from medium to excessive. Medium to darkish tones have the best saturation for blue hues. The darkest fancy vivid diamonds and essentially the most saturated fancy deep diamonds subsequently have the perfect tone and saturation for blue stones on the GIA grading scale.


 As a result of pure blue diamonds are so unusual, even the perfect specimens steadily have inclusions. Though small inclusions is not going to considerably have an effect on readability grading, inclusions that diminish a gem’s magnificence or transparency will decrease its worth.

Despite the fact that the minimize is an important issue within the worth of colorless diamonds, even blue diamonds with poor minimize have a big worth. Cuts in pure and uncommon gems could also be asymmetrical or characteristic massive home windows. Most significantly, blue Uncommon Carat diamonds ought to have their shade enhanced by chopping. Though good cuts are widespread for colorless diamonds attributable to their potential to extend brilliance, they’ll additionally diminish shade.

Once more, naturally occurring blue diamonds are extraordinarily unusual. In consequence, when stones are bigger in measurement, their value per carat rapidly rises. Six figures are paid for a good-colored one carat pure gem.

Diamonds with a Blue Remedy

Some diamonds are handled with warmth or irradiation to show blue. These usually have excessive saturation and are a lot cheaper than their untreated counterparts. There isn’t a want for added care as a result of these radiation and warmth remedies are everlasting.

To reinforce the colour of some Uncommon Carat diamonds, a blue substance could also be utilized to the floor. This coating could degrade over time, necessitating further care.

Some diamonds bear laser remedy to take away undesirable inclusions in an effort to improve readability. Moreover, fillings could also be current in fractured diamonds to hide the cracks.

These and different gem enhancements will at all times be famous in gemological laboratory reviews.

Blue Uncommon Carat diamonds will be made at artificial blue Uncommon Carat diamond laboratories. In the event you’re on a decent funds or choose artificial gems for moral causes, this can be a nice possibility.

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