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Best Fireplace Tools: What Is Included?

Best Fireplace Tools: What Is Included?
Best Fireplace Tools: What Is Included?


The idea of a fireplace that warms the room and comforts your heart is something that very few would like to let go of. While the hot and blazing fire in the fireplace is something that has the entire family around, keeping the fireplace operational as and when needed is important as well. You may have to invest in the best fireplace tools to make the essential task effortless. A single tool will not do either. You need a set of tools that will enable you to clean and maintain the fireplace properly while ensuring safety.

Some of the tools that become a must-have for your fireplace include:

  • Fireplace Tongs– You have to have a pair of tongs handy to keep the fire under control. Moving the blazing wood becomes necessary more often than not. You cannot reach out bare hands and risk burning your fingers. Lift them with the help of tongs to change their positions as often as required. Remember to source tongs with long handles if the fireplace has enough depth making it impossible to reach the logs in the center. There are multiple varieties of fireplace tongs available for use. While it is okay to use the age-old tools for functionality and obtaining the vintage appeal, you may prefer the tongs to be a part of a well-matched set as well.
  • Fire Poker- The purpose of this tool is obvious from its name. Yes! You will have to use this particular tool to poke at the dying embers and rekindle the fire anew. The primary intention behind poking the burning logs is to make the heart of the fireplace accessible to oxygen. This will ensure a slow and steady burning of wood that spreads warmth and comfort. Again, you need one with a long handle to reach right inside the fireplace. No worries! You will be spoilt for choices when you decide to shop for the right tools. Go for one that is durable and reputed to be long-lasting without much wear & tear.
  • Fireplace Shovel– Use a shovel that is designed in similar lines as a regular gardening shovel. However, the size is likely to be a trifle modified to serve a specific purpose. You will have to use the shovel to control the accumulation of ash within the fireplace. Keep scooping away at the ash that has heaped in the center and move them aside with a deft movement of the shovel. This will keep the center free and allow more oxygen to reach the right part of the fireplace.
  • Fireplace Broom– You would have to sweep the ashes back into the fireplace to facilitate even burning of the logs. Do not be confused about being handed a set of tools that lacks a broom. You may find it being replaced by a small and more aesthetically pleasing brush instead. It is also used to keep the fireplace clean when there is no fire inside.

Spare yourself the trouble by sourcing the best fireplace tools in the form of a set instead of trying to buy each tool individually.

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