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The most effective quantitative trading strategies in 2022


The rapid development of technology in the last few years has given rise to many online opportunities for good earnings for ordinary people worldwide. They usually only need a good computer, internet connection and basic knowledge of technology.

Even though there are many online careers that one might try doing, have you ever considered doing Quantitative trading professionally? Would you like to increase your daily income by doing one of the most profitable online businesses nowadays?

Suppose you are one of these enthusiasts who’d like to learn some new skills related to financial trading. In that particular case, we are here to provide you with the definition of Quantitative trading, along with the most effective strategies that you can use to increase your profits.

What is Quantitative trading exactly?

We want to present you with one of the most profitable businesses you can consider doing professionally or as a side hustle. It is called quantitative trading, and it refers to quant trading that involves the use of computer programs and algorithms based on complex or simple mathematical models.

The main reason is to identify and capitalize on all the available trading opportunities with these mathematical models. Quantitative trading also involves research on historical data intending to identify profit opportunities.

It is also crucial to note that these models are driven by famous quantitative analysis, right where the strategy comes from. Sometimes it is just referred to as “quant”.

How much can you make as a quantitative trader?

Of course, the financial aspect is the number one priority for many people wondering whether it’s worth investing their time, funds, and energy into it. Therefore, the main question is, “How much can you make as a quantitative trader?”

In the United States, Quantitative traders may earn from $37,167 to $795,786 with a median salary of approximately $178,046. It is essential to remember that 57% of Quantitative traders make something between $178,050 and $383,324, with the top 86% earning $795,786.

From this, we can tell that quantitative trading models have to be as dynamic in order to be ordinarily successful. A significant number of quantitative traders are developing models that are profitable at that time for the market condition. However, they fail once these conditions change.

The most effective quant trading strategies in 2022

To improve the quality and profits of quantum trading, it is essential that you know which are the most practical quantum trading strategies that you can use for yourself. Here’s what you can consider of the most common and effective quant strategies in 2022 so far:

Alternative data strategies

  • Location Data
  • Consumer Expenditure Data
  • Satellite/Drone Imagery
  • Weather Data
  • Web-scraped Data

High-Frequency Trading strategies (HFT)

  • Arbitrage
  • Reaction to news
  • Latency arbitrage
  • Statistical arbitrage
  • Index arbitrage

Machine learning trading strategies

  • Fast text reading to know how new articles affect the market
  • Vast chunks of texts read to get all the information and summaries
  • Checking at satellite and drone photos to get to know what they’re showing us.
  • Scanning numerous orders that are coming into the market.

Are these quant trading strategies profitable enough?

Most people are interested in whether these quantum strategies are profitable or not. The honest answer is, unfortunately, probably not so much. However, these quant strategies are working, even though executing them isn’t straightforward.

Remember that running these strategies with ease isn’t always the case, although there are numerous top and experienced quant traders and fund running. For these quant strategies to work the best, traders need to put in the hard work and be persistent enough, even in times of crisis.

Our advice is to try again and again, improve your trading as much as you can learn from more experienced professionals, and eventually repeat until you become prosperous and secure in this type of trading. Good luck on your journey to quant trading success!

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