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Educate Your Purchasers How To Correctly Clear Eyelash Extensions

As skilled lash artists, our job descriptions transcend simply attaching eyelash extensions. Together with crafting breathtaking lash fills, it’s our job to teach and educate our purchasers the right way to care for their model new units and the right way to clear eyelash extensions. On this article, let’s break down how we will educate our purchasers about their eyelash extension aftercare, one of the simplest ways to wash eyelash extensions and what to make use of to wash eyelash extensions.

Why Clear Eyelash Extensions?

A query many lash freshmen might ask is, why is it essential to wash soiled eyelash extensions and what’s the necessity for laundry eyelash extensions?

Similar to our faces, our pure eyelashes and lash extensions can maintain on to grease, particles, build-up and filth. Over time, this extra build-up can accumulate and trigger eye irritation, eye infections and even untimely lash fall-out.

Frequently cleaning and washing eyelash extensions each day are the perfect methods to keep away from pointless eye irritation and to maintain eyelash extensions lasting longer with out untimely shedding.

Lash Cleaning Instruments

As soon as your purchasers know in regards to the significance of cleansing soiled eyelash extensions, you may then talk about lash cleaning instruments and what to make use of to wash eyelash extensions.

HIgh-quality lash shampoos and clear mascara wands are the essential instruments wanted for laundry eyelash extensions. Lash shampoos guarantee pure oils, make-up residues and particles are correctly eliminated, whereas mascara wands assist clear particular person lashes. Go to the Stacy Lash lash provide retailer to put money into our premium-quality lash foaming shampoo.

The Finest Method To Clear Eyelash Extensions

Lastly, listed below are the extension aftercare steps and one of the simplest ways to wash eyelash extensions.

Step 1: Apply Lash Shampoo

Begin by making use of a couple of pumps of the foaming lash shampoo to your fingertips and gently dabbing the shampoo onto the higher lash line. Throughout this step, it’s essential to not push down or press down too closely on the lashes.

Step 2: Mascara Wand

As soon as the shampoo is on the lash line, start to brush the eyelash extensions. With mild motions, brush up and down and ensure each lash is roofed with the foaming shampoo. Repeat and carry out this step for 1 – 2 minutes for optimum outcomes.

Step 3: Wash & Clear

Lastly, let’s take away any lash shampoo residue utilizing clear cotton pads or damp washcloths. Dip the clear cotton pads into micellar water and softly pad away the higher lash line. Carry out this step till the lashes look crisp and spotless!


Educating your purchasers about correct eyelash aftercare may help your prospects care for their lashes, clear soiled eyelash extensions, keep away from untimely shedding and construct higher belief with their skilled lash artists!

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