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Environmental Management Planning and Its Significance


Do you have serious plans to establish your small business and possibly take it to the next level? If you do, then it’s essential to follow the rules and regulations. These are specific rules and regulations meant for business owners living within Australia.

Admittedly, Australia is under a federal government system, and people live in different states. So, it’s anticipated that the other states impose different sets of laws, so you have to be sure you’re doing things exactly as you’re supposed to in the state you’re located in.

What’s more, aside from building a niche for your business, you cannot have the environmental management planning missing from your business plan. Why do you have to have this planning in the first place? What is its significance to you as a business owner, your customers, the government, and the environment? Read the essential facts here, right now.

The Australian Government requires it, and here’s why…

According to the Australian government and the Department of the Environment, the planning is legally known for its Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 or EPBC Act. It requires commitment from any person to take environmentally friendly actions.

Australia’s Department of the Environment is serious about educating the people of the program’s significance and has provided general guidance for the stakeholders who are about to take on their businesses and learn further about the management planning for the environment.

The Environmental Management Plan Guidelines are set out to provide information and knowledge regarding impact assessments and approvals. These are found in the EPBC Act’s chapter 4 guidelines that particularly states:

  • What is the content of an environmental management plan
  • The general principles when it comes to the preparations for the EMP
  • The risks that have to be under evaluation
  • The format of the submission

Will the EMP have any impact on your business?

Yes, it has a massive impact on any type of business. That’s why it is highly encouraged that the EMP has to be taken seriously, especially with the modern-day business climate.

The benefits for your business when you follow through with the environmental management plan are extensive and impressive. It offers the upside that any business owner would not want to miss out.

For instance, you now have the options to select procedures that can help your business reductions on:

  • Energy bills
  • Waste generation
  • Waste processing
  • Water usage and cost
  • Minimise the environmental costs that have been connected to the procurement of resources and transport

You’ll also have the opportunity to acquire support, consultation and communication with the staff working under you on the risks and environmental impacts. Your business is rewarded for its corporate excellence, attain great promotions, customers trust your business which turns their trust into sales. Legal issues won’t be a problem. You are free from any fines and prison sentences when you follow the EMP.

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