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Tips for Pest Prevention |

Tips for Pest Prevention


Pests are one type of plant-disturbing organism whose presence is highly undesirable because of the large losses caused by the living activities of these organisms on crops. When viewed in a broad sense, pests are all forms of disturbance to humans, plants, and livestock. However, from a narrow sense, pests are all animals that damage plants that can cause harm. So, if there is an animal on the plant but it does not cause harm, then the animal is not considered a pest. Pests that damage plants can be clearly seen from the marks (hooks or bites). Broadly speaking, animals that can become pests can be insects, mollusks, mites, mice, birds, or large mammals. Maybe in one area the animal becomes a pest, but in another area it is not necessarily a pest. In essence, pests are disturbances that disturb humans, these disturbances can come from nuisance animals (fleas, rats, leafhoppers, etc.), and can also come from nuisance plants (bacteria, fungi, viruses).There are several things you can do as a homeowner to avoid pests infesting your space.

Patch Up Any Holes

Pests often get into homes through cracks and spaces in the house you might not even know are there. Inspect the entire exterior of your home for any gaps or spaces pests can crawl through including window frames, door frames, pipes, and electrical lines. Use caulk to seal gaps and replace any windows with damaged or torn screens. If you find pests have already made their way into your home and set up camp, you may need to hire an exterminator Big Pine Key. A professional exterminator can handle the traps or poison required to get rid of the pests safely.

Keep Your Space Clean

The buildup of things like trash, dust, and dirt can attract pests over time. Keep your space neat and clean frequently to avoid inviting unwanted bugs. This may even include places you don’t often spend time like your basement or crawl spaces. Spiders, for example, will have a hard time forming webs in your basement if you regularly sweep away cobwebs. In addition to basic cleaning and regular dusting, you can take additional preventative measures to fend off unwanted critters in your yard.

Set Up Future Prevention

Many household items can be used to deter bugs and prevent infestations. Save your garden with protective cloches or fencing around your plants. Animals will naturally be drawn to the food you’re growing so set up bird feeders and other food sources critters can easily find instead. White vinegar can be used as a natural solution to deter ants and onions may help fend off spiders. You can even make a homemade flycatcher using a jar filled with apple cider vinegar and plastic wrap.

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep your spaces clean and free from any pests.

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