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What Do i Put On The Bottom Of a Raised Garden Bed?


People frequently ask one question while growing their plants in a raised garden bed is what exactly they should put at the bottom of their raised garden bed. There are many benefits of having your own raised garden bed. You will be able to manage your plants in a better way. There are also fewer chances of weed attacks. Raised garden beds also provide increased yield for a prolonged duration of time.

But do you know what you should be putting at the bottom of your raised garden bed? The bottom of the planter raised beds should contain a layer of leaves, wood chips, grass clippings, straw, and other organic materials. The cardboard should be placed on the top of that layer. The organic matter will gradually decompose, while the cardboard will prevent the weeds from growing.

Why Should You Use Cardboard Or Newspaper At The Bottom Of Your Raised Garden Bed?

It would help if you were using newspaper or cardboard at the bottom of your garden bed to keep the weeds away. You should place at least five to six layers of newspaper or a single layer of cardboard at the bottom of your raised garden bed for better results. Make it a point to cover the entire area so that no weeds can grow in the soil. Another thing that will help you grow your plants is placing multiple layers of mulch on top.

The great thing about using newspaper or cardboard in your raised garden bed is that the cellulose content present in them is completely organic. This means that your soil becomes more fertile and easier to work with. When you use newspaper or cardboard for your raised garden bed bottom, it gets broken down. However, it lasts for a prolonged time and prevents the weeds from interfering with the gardening process.

Can We Use a Carpet Or a Blanket At The Bottom Of Your Raised Garden Bed?

Many people may advise you to use a carpet or any other kind of barrier at the bottom of your garden bed, but this can be a mistake. The problem with using carpet for your raised garden bed bottom is that it can interfere with the drainage process and cause water clogging at the roots. It will also prevent the roots of the plants from growing deep into the soil.

The same sort of problem can be faced if you use plastic bags at the bottom of your soil. So, always make it a point to use organic material for your raised garden bed bottom so that they do not interfere with the gardening process.

And this is how you can prepare your raised garden bed for gardening purposes. You can also use raised garden boxesfor gardening to make it easier for you to plant your seeds in your garden space.

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