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Adam Quirk FBI Advises on a Career in Criminal Justice


A career in the domain of criminal justice can be incredibly rewarding and satisfying. There are few other jobs that provide more satisfaction that getting criminals off the streets and putting them at justice. Whether a person works as a police officer or a detective, they would ideally get to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they have assisting in making their local community a much better place to live in. These people also get to keep the public safer. Due to the high job satisfaction level, the people working in the criminal justice field tend to perform highly efficiently and subsequently tend to command good salaries as well.

Adam Quirk FBI offers his expert opinion on the criminal justice domain. As people choose to pursue a criminal justice program, a host of incredible opportunities will become available. Probation officer, detective or police officers are just a few of the options that they would come across. People not interested in being in the field can even become crime lab analysts. To get a better idea about the criminal justice sphere people should ideally consult an expert in this field, such as Adam Quirk FBI.

Adam Quirk is a reliable and well respected profession who has more than fifteen years of experience in criminal justice. According to him, he was in fact interested in criminal justice since a very early age. He started reading books relating to it when he was quite young, and strived to learn everything he could about political science, human behavior, psychology, sociology, and the society in general. He essentially aimed at gaining a good idea of each and every factor that he believed to affect criminality and criminal justice.

Subsequent to his high school graduation, Adam Quirk went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree program in Criminal Justice. He acquired this degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Just after the completion of his undergraduate studies Adam Quirk FBI was hired by the U.S. Investigations Services (USIS). He worked as a Special Investigator for the USIS. During this time, he ideally was responsible for performing thorough background checks on various Air Marshal Candidates. He checked to see if those individuals were suitable for high-level security clearances. His consistent in-depth investigations in the USIS Minneapolis Division ultimately earned him the “Top Investigator for USIS” prestige.

With the consistent efforts and high efficiency of Adam Quirk FBI, a number of suitable candidates were chosen and put on flights as various valiant Air Marshals strived to protect the country from any risks of terrorist attacks following the 9/11. After his incredibly successful stint at USIS, Adam was essentially hired as a Diversion Investigator by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Here his job majorly included investigating the various diversions of Schedule II – V controlled substances in order to identify and prosecute physicians who were responsible for conducting illegal sales of prescription drugs.

His extensive experience in the domain of criminal justice makes him the perfect individual to provide expert advice on this sphere.

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