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How to Choose a Spa to Go To

When you go to a spa, you normally receive non-medical procedures. But, this is not a rule. It is possible to get some medical procedures done when there are licensed professionals available. Regardless, most people visit because they want to relax, address some physical discomfort, or improve their health.

Nowadays, there is no shortage of spas to choose from. In the US alone, there are over 20,000 such facilities available. Spa treatments are available in day spas, beauty salons, destination spas, and spa resorts. So, it should be quite obvious that choosing where to go to is not as simple as you might initially think.

To help you choose the best spa, make sure to consider the following factors.

Spa Reviews

It is much easier to make a great choice when you look at the reviews of a business. There is a certainty you will only notice glowing reviews on the website of the considered business so make sure you look on Yelp or Google. Finding independent reviews gives you the information you need to make a much more informed choice.

Obviously, if you have people you trust who used the services of spas, you can ask for some recommendations. References from trusted individuals is a very fast way to find a service you would also like.

Look At What Is Offered

Do you need services that could only be offered by licensed professionals? In this case, you need the services of a medical spa Oklahoma facility. Do you need something simpler? Your search can include even beauty salons.

Spas usually have a list of all the offered services on their websites. Prices are also often included so it is so much easier to compare what is offered. Based on your needs and budget, you can easily narrow down your list by only considering those spas that you can actually afford and that gives you what you need. But, make sure you factor in a tip in the budget calculations.

One more thing you should take into account is the available discounted rates. Several monthly memberships or spa packages might be available. You can discuss this with the receptionists or simply make a phone call in advance to ask.

Practitioner Experience

This is one of the most important factors to consider when you choose a spa to go to. And it is particularly important when looking for a medical spa Oklahoma facility.

There are several requirements and laws that have to be respected in order for a spa to get a license. The same goes for the practitioner. If you see details about licenses, you are sure that the individual is properly trained. However, this is not enough to guarantee high-quality services.

Generally speaking, the longer the practitioner has been offering services, the longer they can fine-tune the trade and get better. Make sure to look at the website to see the staff bios. You can thus learn more about the individuals, but you might want to also perform a Google search to see if the resumes are correct or not.

Spa Environment

Spa aesthetics can easily make or break your entire vibe. What is really important to understand is that what is aesthetically pleasing for one individual might not be that attractive for someone else. You can thus simply drop into the spas you consider so that you can have a look. This allows you to analyze the environment before you actually agree to get some procedures down. Most professional spas are happy to show you what they offer and highlight the strong points of the facilities.

It is good to note down the way you feel as you enter the spa lobby. In an ideal scenario, you should feel calm. Analyze everything from the music to the furniture and the colors are chosen. Also, make sure that you look at the demeanor of the staff since this can show you a lot about the experience you are about to have.

What Products Are Used

In a spa, the products used do matter a lot. This is especially the case when you have some allergies or your skin is sensitive. Besides the services offered and the pricing, you want to analyze the products utilized. In most locations, you will notice that products are highlighted since the spa does believe in them.

Look for spas that are using organic, cruelty-free, or vegan products. This is a perfect place to start. Ask the service provider to give you details about the used products during the treatments you buy. Also, ask why those products were chosen.


Out of all the factors highlighted in this article to help you choose a spa, this is the one you should never dismiss. The environment has to be clean and this is essential. And this includes absolutely everything you see and what is used.

All furniture has to be inviting and clean. And you have to look at corners and windows. If you notice visible dirt, grime, or mold, you have to go to another staff. Then, analyze how staff members look. Are they wearing clean clothes and look well-kempt? When you are not happy with how clean the spa is, you absolutely need to look for a new spa to go to.

Medical Data

Last but not least, reputable spas always present you with an intake form as you want to use their services. This is available at the first session but it is also possible you can fill one out every single time you go to the spa. What has to be remembered is that this initial intake form is absolutely mandatory.

The intake form needs to ask questions about the medications you take, surgical history, health conditions, and much more. The service provider needs such information in order to better understand your medical history and gain data to offer better services.

A conversation should also be had with the service provider. You should be allowed to tell them what you want from the spa session, what aromas you prefer, and other things of interest for any service provider to offer the best possible service.

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